About Me

My name is Ivaylo Lenkov and I've been involved in the software industry for many years. I started as a software developer in the early 80's writing firmware for real-time process-control systems at the Institute of Industrial Cybernetics and Robotics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Next, I worked in the  Bulgarian Space Agency where I was responsible for the firmware of the weather forecast controller for one of the first Bulgarian satellites. In the early 90's, I founded my first software company where we developed a peer-to-peer network operating system called RoNet. In the mid-90's, we created one of the first software VoIP products, IRIS Phone.


During the dot-com bubble I was running an interactive agency in Los Angeles where we worked for clients like Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Vivendi and many others.

After the bubble burst, I became  CTO at ChartScape - a medical software start-up developing a chemo-ordering and  electronic medical record system. The system was deployed at the Oncology department at UCLA and used by hundreds of physicians and staff.

After 2004 I was involved in one of the early cloud-computing startups: 3tera (acquired by CA  in 2010).

Since 2006 I'm running a SaaS startup called SiteKreator that powers over 100,000 web sites in more then 35 counties.

While I'm not running startups, I play soccer in Santa Clara, ski on Kirkwood, visit exotic places and play with my two wonderful kids Maya and Alex.